What’s the Big Deal with Aluminum Bodywork?

If you’ve been paying attention to the car market lately, you may have noticed that there’s a new sheriff in auto body town: aluminum. Aluminum is a metal you can find in everything from airplanes to soda cans to baseball bats.

So why is aluminum catching on in the car industry now? It turns out that engineers have discovered better ways to build an automobile frame out of aluminum. Despite its lightness, aluminum is stronger than steel, meaning it can save you hundreds of dollars on gas every year.

But not every body shop in town has the capability to work with aluminum. Most shops are still figuring out the best tools to use for repairing aluminum. But these tools are still expensive: it costs a body shop an average of $100,000 just to outfit the shop with the right equipment for aluminum work.

Huge brands like Ford have already made the switch to an aluminum body in their F-150. We believe it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the industry follows in their footsteps. That’s why Dodson-Williams has made the investment in equipment for aluminum work—and that makes us one of only two body shops in Springfield that is OEM certified and able to do that kind of work. There are other auto body shops that will attempt the repairs but are not certified.

We take pride in being ahead of the curve in our field to make smart investments in our business. If you’re riding in an aluminum vehicle now, remember our name if you get into an accident. But no matter what you drive, give Dodson-Williams a call at 417-869-7317 when you have a bad car day.

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